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Horgan: Lawrence Krauss, in A Universe from Nothing, claims that physics has basically solved the mystery of why there is something rather than nothing. Do you agree?

Ellis: Certainly not. He is presenting untested speculative theories of how things came into existence out of a pre-existing complex of entities, including variational principles, quantum field theory, specific symmetry groups, a bubbling vacuum, all the components of the standard model of particle physics, and so on. He does not explain in what way these entities could have pre-existed the coming into being of the universe, why they should have existed at all, or why they should have had the form they did. And he gives no experimental or observational process whereby we could test these vivid speculations of the supposed universe-generation mechanism. How indeed can you test what existed before the universe existed? You can’t.

Thus what he is presenting is not tested science. It’s a philosophical speculation, which he apparently believes is so compelling he does not have to give any specification of evidence that would confirm it is true. Well, you can’t get any evidence about what existed before space and time came into being. Above all he believes that these mathematically based speculations solve thousand year old philosophical conundrums, without seriously engaging those philosophical issues. The belief that all of reality can be fully comprehended in terms of physics and the equations of physics is a fantasy. As pointed out so well by Eddington in his Gifford lectures, they are partial and incomplete representations of physical, biological, psychological, and social reality.

And above all Krauss does not address why the laws of physics exist, why they have the form they have, or in what kind of manifestation they existed before the universe existed (which he must believe if he believes they brought the universe into existence). Who or what dreamt up symmetry principles, Lagrangians, specific symmetry groups, gauge theories, and so on? He does not begin to answer these questions.

It’s very ironic when he says philosophy is bunk and then himself engages in this kind of attempt at philosophy. It seems that science education should include some basic modules on Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hume, and the other great philosophers, as well as writings of more recent philosophers such as Tim Maudlin and David Albert.

http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/2014/07/22/physicist-george-ellis-knocks-physicists-for-knocking-philosophy-free-will/ (via urashimajoe)

katbutz asked:

I feel apagendered or agendered sometimes, and when Mom's not there I will put on makeup and leggings to fit myself better. But now that I think of it, I wonder if I only feel that way because I'm becoming a self-hating male thanks to SJW hatred of men. I wonder what I do to figure out which one it is.

I answered:


I’m not saying this to sound rude, but because I honestly think it will help. If you’re really struggling with this, I suggest finding a good therapist; just someone to talk to, who can help you work things out.

sufjand asked:

Yeah I'm a male feminist. I'm a feminist because I'm gay, and I'm a second-class citizen, and because I want to be a parent someday which will require me to be a father and a mother. But mostly, I'm a feminist because people like you think that being a feminist is a bad thing. How dare you. All the feminist movement is trying to accomplish is gender equality for all, and people like you keep it from happening. I bet you sympathize with the UC Santa Barbara shooter, too. Fucking woman hater.

I answered:


Firstly, I fail to see what your sexuality has to do with being feminist; especially considering the majority of influential feminists view gay men as the ultimate incarnation of misogyny. I mean, check this out, right here on tumblr


You really think feminism is going to fight for your rights? When have they ever fought for LGBTQ rights without co-opting LGBTQ issues for their own purposes? And you do know that laws involving child custody are currently slanted against men, especially gay men, and feminism is doing nothing to change that? In fact, more often you’ll see feminists pushing the idea that all men - yeah, even gay men ( since, you know, they claim you have ‘male privilege’, as if this somehow negates the very real violence and issues gay men face - are violent by nature. 

I think you’re ignorant - I don’t know a thing about you, so it would be stupid to say I think you’re a bad person or that I hate you.

If the feminist movement is trying to accomplish equality, why are they fighting against gender neutral rape laws? Laws that currently erase 40% of rape victims, many of them gay men? Laws that see most female rapists seeing 65% less jail time for their crimes? 

If they’re so for equality, why are they still supporting harmful legislature like the Duluth Model? Why are they actively fighting to keep domestic abuse stats slanted in order to hide that half of domestic abuse is perpetrated by women, and 70% of ALL domestic abuse by men was reciprocal? Why are men going to jail for defending themselves, when it was those men who called the police for help and instead were led away in handcuffs, all because they’re “taller’ than their spouse? Why did feminists fight and still actively fight to keep Male domestic abuse shelters from existing? Why did they fight to shut down the few that existed? Why did they attack, harass, and fucking kill Erin Pizzey’s dog ( a FEMINIST ) for suggesting men experienced as much domestic abuse as women? She’s one of the pioneers of feminism, she started some of the first women’s abuse shelters, and she’s so goddamn fed up with how misandric and hateful the feminist movement has become that she routinely speaks out on MRA forums. You guys have got to be fucking up pretty bad when your own leaders are wholesale dropping your hateful asses. Christine Hoff Summers is another feminist who’s had enough; I’d recommend you read some of her work. 

You’re gonna sit there holding a ‘male tears’ mug and come at ME screeching ‘How DaRE YoU!’?

How dare I? How dare you, you ignorant hateful little troglodyte.  

People like me are the ones advocating for actual equal rights instead of fucking complaining that men take up too much space on the bus “OMG IM SO OPPRESSED UUUH”. 

" I bet you sympathize with the UC Santa Barbara shooter, too. Fucking woman hater. " 

HMM, you make a compelling argument, but have you considered this? 


What are you, fucking stupid or something? Don’t make baseless claims about what I do or don’t sympathize with, motherfucker. 

You are cordially invited to deepthroat a cactus, bitch. 

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